Software Services

Reho is fast becoming a household name in quality software services, particularly in bespoke systems. We have developed thriving applications that are changing lives positively in education, government, local communities, public, private and even in the 3rd sector. We pride ourselves in the quality of our staff and our commitment to delivering secure, robust and resilient software products and services to our teeming clients. Click here to drop us an email should you wish to discuss your software development requirements.


Hardware Support

We deal in Servers (ranging from a couple of processors to high end servers), Desktops, Laptops and mobile devices. We also have certified network engineers who could take care of all forms of local area networking and in-house telephony support. We are well experienced in hardware and network maintenance and could provide 1st, 2nd or even 3rd line of support for the day-to-day life of your business. Click here to drop us an email should you wish to discuss any aspect of our business.


Consultancy & Training

Reho offers a range of consultancy services to support our clients at every step of the way in their business. We conduct IT training, software development bootcamps, mentoring and specialised IT review of business processes and offer expert recommendations. We also could audit/analyse a business workflow and come up with optimised ways of conducting the business with a view to automating some of the processes where appropriate and thereby increasing efficiency and delivery. You can invite us to have a chat and see where and how we can help to make your business more profitable and sustainable using our well-tested automation techniques and solutions.


Games, Apps & Miscellaneous

At Reho, our programmers are adept at app development (Android, iOS, Windows, etc) and have developed many enterprise-level apps which are used within an organisation's intranet. Some of the app and games are used for educational purposes while some others are for entertainment. A few have been deployed for research. We are currently rolling out a number of edutainment to support schools in 3rd world countries and places with sporadic access to the internet. We are always looking for new challenges in app or game development, so get in touch if you would require an app in your business. You can drop us an email should you wish to discuss in detail.


About Reho

Reho Support Services Limited is a limited company registered in Scotland, and since inception in 2011 we have continued to add value to our teeming clients and are growing the business with a view to becoming one of the big names in IT related matters in the United Kingdom.